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The works I have on this website are examples representing my ongoing creative effort of exploring the visual and tactile nature of materials, and the technologies used to manipulate these materials to achieve stimulating visual effects and ordered form.

I believe that the idea is the most important aspect of a work of art and that the artist should achieve excellent craftsmanship as well as originality in their finished art work to express their ideas.

My ideas come from the natural and human-made environment. I use the process of abstraction through simplifying and distorting the visual elements I see in the world around me to create my work. I am very intrigued with the ever-changing effect of light on the visual environment and the luminous effect light has on some materials. I have experimented with the reflective nature of metals like stainless steel to achieve unusual effects of luminosity, color, and reflectivity by creating polarizing textures on the surface of the materials I use in my work.

The process I use to create my work consists of a series of steps: First, I take photographs and do sketches of interesting natural sights; Second, I sketch ideas for sculpture based on my sketches and photographs; Third, I refine my conceptual idea sketches into a comprehensive design, and select materials and methods to use to produce the work; Fourth, I use the fabrication assemblage process to create the finished piece of work.

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