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Ted A. Neth
  • Dean, Arts & Humanities, Retired
  • Faculty Emeritus
    Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA
  • MFA Sculpture, University of Idaho, 1971
  • BFA Central Washington State University, 1960

Ted Neth has worked as a professional artist for over forty years, concentrating on sculpture and painting, as well as on industrial design consultation and education. Neth's sculpture is of mixed media, usually metal, wood and plastic. His paintings are usually acrylic and watercolor. He has developed a personal style of expressing ideas based on abstraction through manipulation of natural and human-made forms. His goal is to develop deeper understanding of natural structures and human relationships.

As an art educator, Neth has taught college-level sculpture, painting, drawing, design, and art history. He was a tenured faculty member, as well as Dean of Arts & Humanities during his thirty years at Columbia Basin College.

During the past fifteen years, he has focused on public and private commissions, working most often in the area of sculpture.

Neth worked as a senior professional illustrator and designer in industry during the 1960s. He received many national awards and honors for excellence in design and illustration.
Ted has lived in Richland for the last sixty-two years. His sculpture reflects the Washington and Oregon landscapes, Oregon coast and especially the Columbia River.